Prices are based on the type of quilting requested.

Types of Quilting:

Pantograph - This is a meandering style that is quilted edge to edge without regard for the individual elements in the quilt.

Semi-Custom  - This style will have all over quilting within the body of the quilt with individual treatment to one or two elements such as borders or sashing.

Custom - This style pays individual attention to all elements of the quilt, including the blocks and borders. Quilting density would be considered in pricing.  

Other Services:

Basting Service - Basting the entire quilt top with the batting and backing fabric to secure it for your own machine or hand quilting. This is done with water soluble thread. You won't have to pick out basting stitches when you are done!

Edge Serging - Serging eliminates loose threads and keeps the layers together so the binding application is less tedious. Serging also keeps your raw edges intact until you are ready to bind.

I use the popular French Fold binding technique with continuous 2 1/2 " strips for finishing quilts.

Modified Binding - Includes trimming and attaching binding by machine to front of quilt, and you complete the other side (straight edges only).

Full Binding - Includes trimming quilt, attaching binding by machine to front and back of quilt (straight edges only).

Custom Binding - Includes trimming quilt, attaching binding by machine to front of quilt and hand sewing to the back (straight edges only).

Specialty Binding - For scalloped or other shaped edges that require special techniques, please contact me for a quote.