Pantograph or Edge-To-Edge designs: $.025 per square inch

Semi-Custom (Edge-To-Edge with Borders): $.035 per square inch

Custom (Block Designs with Borders and Fills): $.040 and up per square inch

Pricing is per square inch. To figure out the square inch, multiply the length by the width in inches. Then multiply by the price.


        Twin size with Pantograph (68" x 90" = 6120 square inches) x $0.025 = $153.00

I carry Hobbs Premium 80/20 cotton/polyester blended batting which most of my customers prefer.

Hobbs Premium 80/20 Cotton/Poly
Heirloom® premium 80/20 cotton blend is one of the most popular battings because it offers more loft and less weight than traditional cotton battings. It is needle punched and bonded to provide exceptional strength and durability. Shrinkage of 3-5% and may be quilted up to 4" apart, 1/8 inch loft.

I can special order other types of batting for you such as White/Bleached, Black, Wool, etc. upon request at cost.

If you would like to supply your own batting, please be sure it is suitable for machine quilting. Please ask me if you are not sure.

NOTE: Also please be sure your batting is at least 6" larger than the quilt top on ALL sides.

Thread Charge & Loading Fee
I never charge a fee for loading your quilt or for thread.

I offer various forms of binding services from which you may choose:

Modified binding: Includes trimming quilt and attaching binding by machine to front of quilt only (straight edges only).

Full Binding: Includes trimming quilt, attaching binding by machine to front and back of quilt (straight edges only).

Custom Binding: For straight edges only, includes trimming quilt, attaching binding by machine to front of quilt and hand sewing to the back.

Basting Service
Basting the entire quilt layers with water soluble thread to secure it for your own machine or hand quilting.

I will be happy to attach a sleeve to your quilt. This will require a 9" wide strip of fabric the width of the quilt.

I charge $10.00 per seam to seam and prepare the backing. I remove selvedge edges before seaming and press seams open as should you. Selvedge edges will shrink differently from the rest of the material and therefore pucker when washed.

Please note: Backing should be at least 6" larger than quilt top on ALL four sides. So add a total of 12 inches to the length and width of quilt top for the quilt back.

          Example: Quilt top 100" x 100" = Quilt Back 112" x 112"

Minimum order charge $50.00
Rush Orders on request only: Fee $50.00