PREPARE your quilt top for quilting service
Please prepare your quilt top for quilting to insure the highest quality and satisfaction in the finished product.

Quilt Backing
Make sure your backing fabric is at least 6" bigger than the quilt top on ALL sides. Large quilts like King and Queen should be 8" bigger on ALL sides.
* The same goes for the batting if you are providing it.

Remove selvedge edges on backing and make sure it is square. If you would like me to square up the backing for you it will be an additional fee. If the backing requires seaming, remove selvedges first. Press seams open. Do not serge the seams.

When choosing the fabric for your backing think of the color thread that will be used in quilting the top. If you want the quilting on the backing to be subtle then choose a color or print that will blend with the color of the top thread. However, if you want the quilting to stand out on the back then choose a fabric that will contrast with the thread color.

Custom quilting can have many stops and starts and a busy backing fabric tends to hide these beginnings and endings.

Binding Material
Prepare your binding strips 2 1/2 " wide and at least 12" longer than the total linear inches of your quilt.
I can do this for you for an additional fee.

To calculate the amount of material needed for binding your quilt, take the:

Your answer will be the number of inches of fabric you will need. 

Example:  68 X 90 Twin quilt top